Cam-Shy, an apt name as you will only find me behind the camera not in front.
Born in Surrey, England I spent my childhood wondering and exploring the open spaces near my home town of Tadworth, out in the morning not to be seen until the night had begun. I guess that is the reason why I love Landscape Photography so much, open spaces, peace and quiet and imagining I am the only person there. 
I would say I am mostly self taught, though very happy to admit making use of tutorials available online by a range of very talented people. Karl Taylor and Tony Northrup have proved invaluable for basic understanding of all that is Photography. Thomas Heatons v-blogs made me want to get out of the house and continues to inspire me.
Thank God for Youtube! I always hated manuals and classrooms, now days there is little need as there is sure to be a guide online that someone has posted. You can learn so much from what people have posted, how to's for kit and technique or simply some inspiration that will get you out with your camera. That last part is more valuable than any tutorial, if you don't get out there you will never get that shot.

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